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  • Top 10 Best Tips to Gel with Your Neighbor

    You must have seen the movie “the girl next door” and a lot of other movies that are based on the relationships with neighbors. It is very important to gel with your neighbors considering that there is an acute value of community life these days. If you do not have a social circle, you are deemed dead by the people around you. Hence, you should start it up with befriending the neighbors.

    Making your neighbor a friend is not the most difficult task you can be presented with. The neighbors always have a special corner for the people next door and they are usually very open to accept you as their friend. Since you live very close to them, it is more sensible to actually befriend them so that they stand by you in case of problems.


    Here are the top 10 best tips to gel with your neighbor:


    1. Throw a smile at them whenever you spot them:

    It is very polite to smile at someone and it’s even more polite to smile at your neighbors. In this way, you convey the message of feeling comfortable in your company to them. If a warm gesture of smile is received in return, it necessarily means that they also want to socialize with you. Smiling at your neighbors is one of the best tips to gel with your neighbor.


    1. Make sure the first impression is good:

    People sometimes judge you based on the first impression, so make sure that when you are presented in front of your neighbor; your behavior is at the very best. No one likes their neighbor to giddy and immature. It is very important to leave a very good first impression on your first meeting with the neighbor as it sets the tone for your friendship with them.


    1. Do not presume:

    Before meeting someone, you should not presume their behavior based on their looks, race and other things. You would never know if your neighbors are actually funny and can’t trick the funny bone when needed and when you need them. So you should remain open to meeting the neighbors as it is the first step in the milestone of your friendship with them.


    1. Invite them over to your place:

    Inviting the neighbors to your place for a dinner or something similar is a wonderful gesture and can work out in a very good way, considering the bond between you and your neighbor. It is always pleasant to invite them for dinner or drinks as it sets up the tone and enables you to know them better.


    1. Take them for the city tour:

    If your neighbors are new to the town, it is the best way to show them around the city. In this way, you can also socialize with them more and get to know them better. This is taken as a very noble gesture by the neighbor and always works well for strengthening your bond with them.


    1. Introduce them to other neighbors:

    If you spot the new neighbors first, it becomes your responsibility to introduce them to the other neighbors of the society. In this way, they always rely on you when they want to socialize. It is one of the best tips to gel with your neighbor.

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    1. Help them move their stuff:

    When they are moving in the house, it is very polite to just help them with moving. It can be done by helping them move the stuff of the house and in the meanwhile, you can strike some healthy conversations with them.


    1. Do not be nosy:

    Getting to know the neighbor is a good deed but doing it by being nosy is totally inappropriate. It makes the other person feel uncomfortable and hence it takes a bit hit on your relationship with them.


    1. Welcome them with warm gesture:

    Remember that the neighbors always remember the first gesture you show them while they enter their new apartment. So make sure that gesture is very warm and welcoming. It is one of the best tips to gel with your neighbor.


    1. Keep your meetings short and interesting:

    It is very important not to be an annoying neighbor by sticking to their house for hours without any work. Everyone needs privacy and this can really hurt their impression about you. So, try to keep your meetings short and sweet.



  • Essential needs of trampoline equipment

    The equipment trampoline which comes across with the numerous benefits apart from providing the fun for the entire families as well as the friends. It even serves as the source for the exercise to improve the health of the human being. The trampoline acts as the source for alleviating the energy in the hyperactive children and provide fun for  the whole family. The exercise is the only thing for the human being to stay fit as well as healthy, furthermore, the trampoline is considered as the best equipment when an individual suffering from the problem of obesity. It can help for the human beings to build their stamina along with strengthening the cardiovascular system and much more it improves the muscle control and the coordination.

    The children who, having the habit of jumping and bouncing on the trampolines which help them to improve the balance with the specific timing skills. To know more about the trampoline, the Best Trampoline Reviews helps the people to give the detailed information about all the types of  trampoline. While jumping on the trampoline can help the children to become the future athlete. Jumping on the trampoline is not only to stay fit and healthy, it also strengthens the heart by increasing the blood circulation level as well as indirectly reduces the chances of the improvement of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, the usage of the trampolines on the regular basis can lead to the improvement in the physical appearance like the weight loss along with the toning of muscles also. Even it will also tend to prevent the osteoporosis.


     Usage of trampoline pads and nets

    The trampoline pads are fitted with the trampolines that are used to avoid all sorts of injuries when the people are experienced to fall from the trampoline at some point of time and this end with the result of injuries. This injury mainly occurs because of the collision between the trampoline users as well as the improper landing when they are jumping or doing stunts on the trampoline or else falling directly off the trampoline or falling on the trampoline frames or the springs. These are some of the forceful situations to make use of the trampoline pads for the maintenance of the safety along with the security of themselves. The trampoline pads nowadays to get the best value in the market and it contains the specific features like the high density, shock absorbent, closed cell foam that does not absorb the water. The user  always chooses the trampoline pads with the national ASTM standards only. The enclosures of the trampoline come in the different size as per the size as well as the length and the dimensions  of the particular trampoline. Move over to this website to get more details about rectangle trampoline.

  • Make the Most Out of Your Smartphone – Apps You’ll Need

    Smartphones are definitely more of a source of entertainment then what actually phones are meant for, that is, the purpose of calling and texting. It won’t be wrong to say that the world has been confined in the smart phone, and from small to huge, all the necessities are fulfilled with the use of a small smart phone. The characteristics that are introduced in the new evolved models always holds something better and more curious than the previous edition, and this is one of the major reasons why the prominence of smart phones is always on a high. With the introduction of apps the advantage of using a smartphone has multiplied, and the multiple apps have brought conveniences through which life has become easier for the people using smart phones.

    What apps do you need?

    Focusing on the basic users of the smartphones, it is very important to make them know as to what applications they actually need, below mentioned are some of the apps that you’ll need to make your life much easier and enjoyable.


    Avast Anti-virus and Security– To let your device work unhindered, it is very important to protect the device against the various threats and viruses. For the security of the device, the presence of the anti-virus application is a must. You can download the avast anti-virus and security online for free and use this for your advantage.

    Greenify– keeping up the phone battery alive with the adequate amount is very important, and protecting the battery from vanishing away you need to download the greenify app from the online market. It helps in preventing the battery from getting absorbed so fast by freezing the app which is not in use currently. This app is totally free and much of use.

    Clean Master– The slow device is more like a punishment to use, and when the device hangs on each command that you make, it really becomes sort of frustrating for the user. The major causing behind slow functioning of the device is the accommodation of junk files in the mobile, and you need to get them cleaned up as soon as possible. Clean master is meant to solve the aforesaid purpose, it helps to remove the junk file and make the phone work faster.

    ShowBox– It’s a free movie streaming app available exclusively on the Android platform. It’s got all the movies and TV shows that you desire to watch, ranging from classics to the latest. The only app that you will need for unlimited entertainment is ShowBox Apk. Get it now!


    Tasker– Tasker is one of the application which makes automates the work which you usually do manually. The general functions related to the moves that you make on your phone could be carried on automatically with the help of this app.

    Opera Max– This free app on android helps you make use of the data pack to the maximum.  While you load the videos, images etc. on your mobile, this browser compresses the size and makes it much easier for the device to load the required material. Turning off the connection and restricting the apps which are not required.

    Smartphone is too much fun when you know the right way to use the devices and get te maximum benefits out of it.




  • Water Softener Buying Guide – Winchburgh 1232’s Advice on Water Softeners

    Hard water could be the cause to a lot of health problems, and other problems that you might see and notice on your clothes, dishes or cutlery. Hard water could also be the cause of various beauty issues, which may include rashes on the skin, itchy skin, redness in the skin, hard and unmanageable water, change in the color of the water and other beauty issues.

    Hard Water

    Have a look at the questions you need to ask the seller

    Before buying a water softener, you need to ask the seller about a lot of questions related to the product, these queries may include the following points. You’d obviously want to read the water softener reviews before you go ahead and choose a system for your home. So, we have prepared a list of the points to consider before you buy a water softening system. Have a look:

    • Enquire about the grain capacity

    You need to know the grain capacity of the water softener that you are planning to buy. The grain capacity is basically the number of hard grains which the softener could remove without going for regeneration. This would help you buy a water softener that long lasting and worth it.

    • Get the hardness determines using a test kit

    You will need a test kit with the help of which you could determine the hardness of the water level. Depending on the level of hardness you will have to select a softener that has the capacity to remove the harshness of the water making it fit for the various purposes.

    • Be particular about what type of softener you want

    You need to ask yourself about what type of softener you want. Do you want to opt for timer regenerated water softeners, meter regenerated or manually regenerated water softener. Each type has its own specific functions and way of operations. So enquire about the same from the dealer from whom you are buying the product and then make the final choice accordingly.

    This is how you could make the right choice while buying the water softener for your home.

    Water Softening Process

    The functions of water softener

    What does the water softener actually do, and how does it makes the water fit for use could be understood with the help of the points as mentioned below:

    • Removes iron- the water softeners removes the excess amount of iron from the water. The content of iron has the tendency to stick to the metal which attract it, and as a result it leaves various marks all over the place including, dishes and cutlery. The water softener while removes the excess level of iron from the water, it makes the water fit for being used for the several purposes.
    • Induces sodium and potassium- the water softener system induces sodium and potassium in the water and makes the water soft. This removes the tendency of the water to leaves various marks on the utensils and other things.

    A water softener system is a must have device if you are living in an area where you get to have hard water. Hard water could really spoil your skin, hairs and also look really dirty on the dishes and cutlery. Use the device to convert the hard water into soft and usable water.


  • History of the Winchburgh 1232 Fraternal Society

    For the good of Winchburgh 1232 in general, and for the benefit of The Brethren of Lodge Hopetoun St. John in particular, I am delighted that “Snippets Frae the Minutes” has been published thereby giving The Brethren of today a brief account of past times in our Lodge.

    Sometime in 1987, after having been involved in an extremely interesting conversation relating to days gone by, I thought that I might like to read through all the Minute Books and possible compile a publication which hopefully would also be of interest to others. Not having a great deal of free time I decided that I would confine this project to a few hours on winter nights, as and when convenient. Well, eight years later, you now have the finished article and by coincidence it has been completed in this our 75th Anniversary Year (1997).

    This book is by no means a literary masterpiece, it was never meant to be. All quotes from the Minutes are written in italics. The grammar and sometimes the accuracy of these Minutes might come into question. I have written them word for word as recorded by our Secretaries. I hope you find the contents interesting, entertaining, thought provoking and a source of much debate whenever and wherever Masons meet.

    Winchburgh 1232

    Winchburgh 1232

    A general observation I made when reading the Minutes covering the late nineteen fifties and early sixties was that there were numerous references to visitations being arranged in order to inspect sites and properties to see whether or not they would be suitable for premises for “1232”. Unfortunately, specific details relating to the actual location of the sites, have on many occasions, been omitted. These omissions highlight the need for Secretaries to give due consideration to detail when recording the proceedings at each and every meeting.

    I would like to thank Mrs Reney Mitchell for her typing skills, Mrs Jenny Newton for the endless cups of tea she made as I read page after page of the Minutes Books, also our sponsors and advertisers and lastly you for having purchased a copy of this publication.

    I dedicate my efforts to the memory of the following Brethren who have passed to the Grand Lodge above. To my father, Elvin Newton, secondly to Bro. Don Hamils, an Honorary Member of “1232” and a good friend, and finally to the Brethren of “1232” who founded our Lodge and thereafter continued to work for and obtain our own premises. In years when money was not readily available, their achievements were remarkable and the Brethren today should appreciate their efforts and work to ensure that we not only maintain but improve the facilities that they provided for us.

    I dedicate my efforts to the memory of the following Brethren who have passed to the Grand Lodge above. Elvin Hamilton, an Honorary Member of “1232” and a good friend, and finally to the Brethren of “1232” who founded our Lodge and thereafter continued to work for and obtain our own premises. In years when money was not readily available, their achievements were remarkable and the Brethren today should appreciate their efforts and work to ensure that we not only maintain but improve the facilities that they provided for us.